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The University of Hong Kong (Ph.D. in Comparative Literature)
The University of Amsterdam (MA in Film Studies)
Yunnan University (MA in World Literature & Comparative Literature)
Yunnan University (BA in Chinese Language & Literature)


Research Interests

My research interests center around an intersection of inter-Asia studies, transnational film and screen cultures, and film festival studies, particularly on the relations between the film movements, the politics of auteurism, and the institutional contexts of exhibition, circulation, and criticism. Currently I am interested in the issues of mobility, infrastructure, and affect in transnational Sinophone media.

Profesional Experience

September 2011-September 2013
Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Urban Research Plaza, Osaka City University, Japan
G-COE Young Special Researcher, Urban Research Plaza, Osaka City University, Japan

Research Grants & Affiliate Projects


Academic membership

  • Society Of Cinema and Media Studies (SCMS)

  • Association for Studies of Culture and Representation (Japan)

  • 日本映像学会中部支部 Japan Society of Image Arts and Sciences (JASIAS) Central Branch

  • Film Festival Research Network (FFRN)

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